Trip Announcement for Thanksgiving 2024 – New York City/Washington D.C.

Thank you to all of the folks that showed up for our big trip announcement last night.  It was awesome to see the excitement in the students faces as we had the big reveal.  I personally think we are visiting two of the most amazing cities and can’t wait to experience it with our students.

Attached below are all of the documents from last night with an explanation of each.

Document 1:
This is the form you will use to register for the trip with Group Travel Network, the official student travel partner of the Lowndes High Georgia Bridgemen.  At the bottom, left hand corner of the flyer is a link to the registration page.  PLEASE NOTE:  As of right now registration is only open to students, not adults.  That will change once the plan is given out to our adults at a later date.  All students registering must sign up for a Quad Room only (four students per room).
I would also encourage you to read very carefully about the trip insurance that is available for purchase.  There will be two options.  Make sure you read them carefully and select what is best for you.

Lowndes High School Band – DC & NYC Tour 2024 – One-Sheet 01 JS

Document 2:
This is the information with the payment schedule for the trip.  It is imperative that you hold true to this schedule.  If payments are not made by the date listed there is a danger your student will be dropped from the trip.  The last page of this document must be signed and returned to Mr. Bowman or your respective middle school band director by FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17th.  


Document 3:
Below are the links to the itinerary for the trip along with the powerpoint from last nights meeting.  This document is fluid and will change a bit as we move forward but the main attractions and events are listed.

NYC:DC Itinerary

October 2023 Booster Meeting.pptx

Form for Parents to Attend DC/NYC trip:
Parents, if your child is attending the band trip to DC/NYC (November 24-29, 2024) and you are interested in attending as an adult, please complete this form. There are a couple of options for adults. This form is not your commitment to go, it is only to express your interest in attending. Click link for more info.

Lowndes Band 2023 Fall Calendar

Fall Calendar 2023 (Updated)

A tentative Fall Calendar is now available.  While there may be some minor adjustments, I feel like most of the dates are represented on this calendar.  Please pay close attention to some of the following dates.

August 4th – Meet the Vikings – The band will play a role in this event.
August 19th – Kickoff Classic – This is our first regular season game but it is on a Saturday
August 26th – Auxiliary Camp

September 15th- Senior Night
September 16th – Super Saturday Rehearsal
September 23rd – Marching Contest
September 30th – Marching Contest
October 21st – Battle on the Border
Please notice all Playoff Games are listed

For parents to volunteer to help with 2023 Band Camp:

How to get up-to-the-minute band updates


The easiest way for you to keep up with news and weather changes throughout band camp and the entire season is to download the “BAND” app on your cell phone and join the group “Lowndes High Georgia Bridgemen”. You will provide your name to join (no partial names or nicknames please).

Once you are in the app, click on the gear in the bottom right corner, then click on “my settings” and choose “receive push notifications”. That action will give you up-to-the-minute information from Mr. Bowman.

During camps and rehearsals, it is very hard for directors to answer emails, as they are busy with the students every single moment. Make it a daily habit to check: the band’s website, Facebook page, or the “BAND” app. The answers to most of your questions will be posted there. If there is a schedule change (due to last minute thunderstorm), it will be posted in the “BAND” app, as soon as the decision is made.

2023 BAND CAMP: July 17-21 and July 24-28
It’s going to be a great marching season!


Georgia Bridgemen Health Form 2023

This year’s HEALTH FORM is now online.  This form must be filled out before the first day you arrive for camp.  If this form is not on file, you will not be permitted to attend rehearsal.  Please make sure you get this taken care of before camp.

Health Form to complete

Also, here is some important information from the BAND NURSES. Read this now. There are things you need to know a couple of weeks prior to band camp.

Important Nurse Info to read

Battle on the Border Date and Registration Announced

The 19th Annual
Battle on the Border

October 21, 2023
Martin Stadium, Valdosta, GA
Gates open at 10:00 AM
Tickets are $10

Online Band Registration for the 2023 Battle on the Border is available at this link

Performance Schedule

Registration and Entry Fees: Due to the prelims and finals format, only a limited number of performance slots are available. We cannot accept additional applications once these slots are filled. We will determine performance order by the postmark date on the application. The performance order in finals will be determined by a director’s draw at the conclusion of prelims. All applications must be submitted by October 10, 2022. All applications must be signed by the band director and the school principal.

Entry Fees and Performance Bond

The entry fee is $100 per band. All bands are required to submit a $500 Performance Appearance Bond. This will be returned to you upon your band’s arrival and registration at the contest. Please submit separate checks for your entry fee and Performance Appearance Bond.

Classification System

Based on the total number of wind players in the band.
Bands may enter a higher classification but not a lower one.

Class A = 1-40
Class AA = 41-59
Class AAA = 60-79

Class AAAA = 80-100
Class AAAAA = 101 and Up


The contest will be a preliminary and final format with 8 bands selected for finals.  These will be determined by the 8 highest band scores out of the prelims. Only band scores will be used decide the 8 finalists.

Units Judged

Percussion, drum majors, color guard, majorettes and dance line, will be judged separately. Their scores will not be used for band placement in the finals competition.


The show will be judged in Caption style: 2 music performance judges, 1 music effect judge, 2 visual performance judges, 1 visual effect judge, and 1 judge per adjudicated specialty unit. Difficulty and content will be inherent on the music and visual sheets.  Judges sheets can be viewed on the GMEA website,


85.0-100 Superior
70.0-84.9 Excellent
55.0-69.9 Average
0.00-54.9 Fair

Judging Panel

Our Judges for this year include:


 Drum Major


Color Guard

Dance Line/Majorette


Preliminary awards will be presented at the conclusion of the prelim competition. Each classification will have awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place bands. We will also have awards for best Drum
Major, Color Guard/Drill Team, Majorettes/Dance Line, and Percussion in each class. Bands achieving Superior or Excellent ratings will also receive awards.

Top 8 Bands (Band Scores Only) will be invited to compete in the Finals portion of the Competition.  The top 4 Band Scores from Prelims will be the last four bands to perform in Finals.

The Final Awards Ceremony will only be for those bands making the finals of the competition. Awards for finalist bands for Best Music, Best Marching and Best General Effect, along with finals placement awards (8th through 1st) will be presented at the Final Awards Ceremony.

Performance Requirements and Times

All bands will be scheduled in 20 minute intervals. All bands must enter the stadium, perform, and clear the performance area within their allotted time. Performances must be between 6 and 12 minutes long. Timing begins on the first note of music and ends with the last note. Timing penalties of 1 point per minute, or an equivalent fraction thereof for fractions of a minute overtime will be assessed to those bands that do not adhere to the timing requirements of the contest. Penalty points will be deducted from the band’s overall score.

The contest schedule will be mailed out two weeks in advance of the contest date. We reserve the right to revise the overall schedule up to 5 days before the contest begins. You will be notified of any Changes.

Exhibition Band

Lowndes High Georgia Bridgemen

For more information please contact: Jon Bowman
[email protected]