Hollywood “Friends and Family” Deadline Approaching

All Georgia Bridgemen Family and Friends….

The deadline for our Friends and Family trip is approaching quickly.  I will need to make a call on participants by the end of the month.  I know several people have reached out saying they were going but I will need to have the agreement forms on file.  Attached is the required paperwork and a VERY prelimenary itinerary.  You can mail the agreement and payment to the following or send in with your student.  Remember this part of the trip is open to anyone!!!!

PO Box 2712
Valdosta, GA 31604

F&F Payment Agreement Form

Lowndes High School F&F – Hollywood Christmas Parade – 2020 – Itinerary 01 JS

Volunteer to Chaperone 2020 California trip

The Georgia Bridgemen will be traveling to California to participate in the Hollywood Christmas Parade in November 2020. If you would like to volunteer to be considered as a chaperone for this trip, click the link below. Completing the form shows your interest in being considered to chaperone the California trip. Firm commitments and payments for adults will be completed at a later date.
Questions can be emailed to:
Director Jon Bowman
or Head Chaperone Suzanne Tanner

Click here to Volunteer to Chaperone


GoFi Fundraising App

We are excited to announce our newest fundraiser Gofi. Gofi is just like a physical discount card ,but it’s digital and offers a ton of options. Gofi is a discount app, you have to start at this link http://gofiapp.com/bridgemen Click “Buy Now” and purchase your activation code. You can view a complete list of the businesses and their offers here. Don’t forget to put a student’s name in the “Supporting” field. This way the student you are supporting will earn money toward their trip.
Thank you for your support,
Mr. Bowman
The following videos will walk you through the process.

Click to Download

How to install app.mp4
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GB – How To Purchase.mp4
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Download our new BAND APP

We will be moving away from our Facebook page over the next few weeks.  We have created and app for the band that we will be using to get information our to students, parents, alumni and fans.  You can simply join by going to our Facebook page and clicking on the link provided in the post.