Band Boosters

2019 – 2020 Officers


Robert McGeehan

Vice President

Chris Buescher


Kevin Hiers


Salome McKee

LHS Band Boosters Inc.
P.O. Box 2712
Valdosta GA 31604-2712

We would like to welcome you to another exciting and entertaining Lowndes High School Georgia Bridgemen band season! It is with great pride that we invite you to share in our excitement and honor the sights and sounds of one of the most outstanding high school marching bands in the nation.

With over 425 band members strong, you will not find a more dedicated and disciplined group of young people. Starting in mid-July, these students work countless hours on perfecting their music and show to perform at football games, band competitions and parades.

As always, we must thank our support group of many! Superintendent Mr. Wes Taylor and everyone in the Central Office, School Board Members, LHS Principal LeAnne McCall and her Faculty and Staff, the Transportation, and Maintenance Departments, local businesses, and, of course, the Band Boosters. As always A Special Thank You – to all of the wonderful band parents who volunteer and contribute to the success of the LHS Georgia Bridgemen!

H – Honor
U – Unity
S – Superior
T – Teamwork
L – Leadership
E – Effort