If you missed our big announcement last night, you can download the following information.  Please pay very close attention to the dates outlined on these forms.  There will be many more meeting to come but this is the preliminary information.

All of this is due to Mr. Bowman by November 22, 2019.  If you are currently in the 8th grade, I would encourage you to mail the forms with the deposit to the following address:

LHS Band BoosterS
PO BOX 2712

Hollywood Parade Intent Letter – This letter is simply to say that I am going on the trip.  The second page of this needs to be filled out and returned with your deposit.

PAYMENT AGREEMENT FORM 2020 TRIP – This form outlines the Payment Agreement.  This form has the amount and due dates of all the payments.  The second page of this form needs to be signed and returned with the deposit.

Hollywood-Itinerary(Prelim) – This is the preliminary itinerary for the trip.

I am going to try to answer a few questions that you may have on this post.  Please feel free to email me with any other questions you may have at jonbowman@lowndes.k12.ga.us

FAQ’s from last night’s meeting:

  • The price that is outlined is worse case scenario.  We will no know an exact price until we can lock in airfare around the end of February.  We are hoping the price comes down about $50-$75.  Once we know the exact price, we will make that public and you will have 7 days to commit to the trip.  When we get the go ahead from you, we will send your money to the travel agent to lock it in.
  • We will be split over several commercial flights.  There will be a school board employee and chaperones with every group on every flight.  We will travel by bus to the airport with your flight group.
  • Luggage will go out to LA in the semi.  Students will not have to check luggage at the airport.
  • We kicked off two fundraisers last night to help pay for the trip.  They will be posted to the website today.
  • This will be a once in a lifetime trip for our students.  I would encourage you to try to make this opportunity happen.  It is going to be AMAZING!!!