First, I want to thank everyone that had a hand in making this past Fall Semester “one to remember”.  Your efforts and sacrifices did not go unnoticed and I cannot begin to thank you all enough for your dedication and perseverance.  Please pay close attention to the following for some very important information.

  1.  If you are continuing as a Virtual Student for the Second Semester and you still have a school owned instrument in your possession, it must be turned into the us at the Band Room by 4:00pm today, January 5th.
  2. If you are an In Person Student for the Second Semester and are not taking a band class due to a schedule conflict and you either still have a school owned instrument at home or a school owned instrument in your locker at school, you need to check it in with me on Wednesday morning, January 6th, before school.  Please also clean out your locker and remove your lock.
  3. There are some of you that are still in the wrong band class for the Second Semester.  I am working on getting those fixed but please follow your schedule on the first day of class even if it is incorrect.  It will get fixed but maybe not by the first day of classes.

I would like to take a moment to speak about Concert Bands during the Second Semester.  I have noticed that many of you are not signed up for a band class.  While I understand that are probably some true schedule conflicts, especially for our Juniors and Seniors, it is imperative that we have as many students participating as possible.  This is where we can truly start to improve technically and as musicians.  Please know that this will have a huge affect on our/your Marching Band in the Fall.  If you are not in a Concert Band class there is no need for you to audition for Section Leader and/or Drum Major.  Also, towards the end of the semester we will begin to work on our music for the following fall.  It will greatly effect your part assignments as well. In some cases for our younger students, this could determine whether you will be in marching band next fall.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow and I hope you had a safe and enjoyable break.